Lettuce with unboned chicken thighs 'raz el hanout', chickpeas, dried apricot, green olives 15,40 21,60
LAM'EAU salad with smoked salmon, king crab, grey shrimps, guacamole, lime oil and burrito chips 16,50 23,50
Fresh belgian white blue tartare, salad and french fries 23,80


Miso soup 8,50
Wagyu beef carpaccio with rocket salad, parmesan, white truffle oil, brushetta with tomato 13,80
Piemont beef tartar, quail egg, anchovy mayonnaise 14,80
Homemade croquettes off Camembert, stilton with salad and lemon 15,50
Crispy veal sweetbread, cream of butternut & cumin, chanterelle, dried apple, crispy Ganda ham 16,50

Main Course Meat

Dove, red - yellow chioggia beet, celeriac cream, green apple gel, lightly-sweet spiced biscuit sauce and potato croquettes 27,10
Lamb fillet, chicory, Brussels sprouts, chanterelle, cream of forest mushrooms, Chimichurri sauce and gratin Dauphinois 27,30
Filet Pur ‘Limousin’, seasonal vegetables, béarnaise and French fries 32,00

Main Course Fish

Ray wing, capers, lemon butter and Jacket potaio /*beer suggestion Maneblusser %5,80 25,80
Freshly baked sea bass fillet, pumpkin risotto, arugula emulsion 26,00
Baked Sole with a green salad, Frenche fries and tartar sauce 33,30


Cauliflower, risotto of peas and goat cheese, almonds and parsley cream 20,50
Ravioli giant pecorino artichoke, tapenade of black olives 20,50